Feature List

While there are many feature to TITAN, the most important ones are the ones you can't see, silently working away to make your job easier and use of your time more efficient.



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  • Two visual statistic - naming and values fully customisable and linkable to external feeds
  • To-do lists - assign a task to yourself or to another user (if your of appropriate user level)
  • Quick stats - useful system wide usage data
  • Quick search - find a client or contact in seconds
  • APIs - quickly link up with external services such as twitter
  • Change the site primary colour to match your corporate branding
  • Useful sites - add companywide useful sites, they’re like bookmarks but without being tied to a browser, computer or user!
  • Instant notifications - if something important occurs, you will see an instant notification with the chance to see a description of what occurred
  • Active users - see who is currently online!
  • Manage all of TITANs integrations from one central page, simple
  • Modals - our system uses a lot of dynamic modal boxes, this ensures you are not pulled away from a page unnecessarily, keeping you where you want to be.
  • Companywide alerts - if something mission critical has occurred, make sure every user is aware with a persistent alert
  • Account stats - see a full log of your log-ins, see how long you were on, see if you got your password wrong and what you got wrong, simple and useful!
Data Import
  • Getting data into a new system can sometimes be a pain, not with TITAN!
  • TITAN will provide a view of your data before importing, you can view both accepted data and invalid data
  • Invalid data is listed along with reasons why it was rejected, TITAN then allows you to download a CSV of this invalid data to allow for simple correction before importing
User Accounts
  • User types allow for finite control of who can do and see what
  • Lock users to single or multiple IPs
  • 3- attempt lock - eliminate the possibility of brute force hacking with 3 lock security with managers having full unlock ability
  • Temporarily ban user
  • Reset users passwords
  • Quickly and simply add new users
  • View user logon statistics
Company Settings
  • Manage company sites
  • Manage APIs
  • Manage dashboard statistics
  • Assign tasks to any member of staff through a quick suggestion interface
  • Link tasks to one or more clients for both clear organisation and communication between other members of staff
  • Set a due date, this prioritises tasks and highlights any that may become overdue
  • Add a reminder - This both triggers a system pop-up notification, and send as email summary to ensure you don't forget! You can even tell if the reminder has been triggered yet.
  • Set a task priority and allow TITAN to arrange your tasks in order of importance
  • See when your assigned tasks are complete with system notifications and a handy little report for all delegated tasks
  • Keeping track of time spent on tasks is often difficult, that is why TITAN allows you to store time against each task. All for you mental peace of mind!
  • Store clients, suppliers, competitors and staff
  • Break apart clients into client, leads and prospects
  • Manage company’s general information - locations, contract, rate, website
  • Manage company contacts - where they are based, position, email, phone numbers, preferred contact methods
  • Mark contacts as primary contacts for streamlined communication
  • Quick search across individual or all company types
  • Mailing lists to organise and export groups of contacts
  • Intelligent country filter
  • VoIP integration - hook up your phones and TITAN will look up incoming numbers to let you know who’s calling as well as keeping a detailed call log
  • Add call notes. You will never again need to get out that chunky paper phonebook!
  • Quickly assign a call as a task, titan fills in all the details leaving you to pick a member of staff and click go.
  • Link up your company Google calendar
  • Link up individual staff calendars
  • View a merged calendar of all events
  • View custom reports built for your business
  • View key contact details, client rate and contract all in one central place
  • Mark clients as on financial stop, this highlights the client in red ensuring all system users are aware that a balance needs to be resolved before any work is done
  • Quick links - quickly jump into recent clients or into creating a new one
  • Linked tasks allow everyone to see staff involvement for a particular client
  • Call Log - quickly view a filtered down list of call communication for each client (requires VoIP Integration)
  • Social links - Why hunt around navigation different social media sites to keep up-to-date, you can instead view feeds from individual client all within TITAN
  • Create categories of templates for logical grouping
  • Create powerful templates from within TITAN
  • Set validation rules e.g. email, date, postcode
  • Upload any file of your choice. Images will be viewable in page with the rest opening up in an instant.
  • Dynamic template layout - Have a particularly large template? TITAN will re-arrange the data layout to make it easier to read on screen.
  • Set protected password fields - passwords will not be shown on screen until the user re-enters their account password, this is then cleared after 30 seconds, thus protecting from shoulder glancing
  • Template data is protected, if a user tries to print, they will get nothing but a blank page!
  • A simple feature but one that sure comes in handy is printing of blank template. Need to go somewhere without internet connection? Simply print off a blank version of a template, fill it in and enter it at a later date.
  • Set required template field - this is our premise, good data or no data. Choose what is mission critical to your business and make sure it’s there!
  • Drag and drop re-ordering! Want to change the order of a client’s categories? Just drag and drop.
  • Quickly push a client through the sales pipeline with our simple status change options
  • Archived clients - don’t delete lost clients, simply archive them. This splits them off from active clients and lets you know at what stage this company was archived for powerful self-analysis
  • Full template audit history - never worry about accidental deletion or amendments, TITAN stores a full audit of changes including what was changed, when it was changed and who made that change.