Feature Tour

While there are many feature to TITAN, the most important ones are the ones you can't see, silently working away to make your job easier and use of your time more efficient.



TITAN is full of amazing features, we will highlight what we believe are of the most interest, for a complete list of features (there's well over 60 of them!) please Click through ».


Stunning and Simple

TITANs interface is designed to be simple and easy to use. By keeping clutter down, important features can shine through, something that is often lost in many other CRMs.

Customising TITAN couldn't be easier, everything from matching your company colours to selecting relevant and useful dashboard widgets are all just a click.

Contact Management

At the heart of every company is clients, keeping track of their contact information in TITAN is seamless.

Features of the phonebook include: mailing lists, automated country filtering, fast search, VOIP integration.

Tasks & Reminders

Streamlining workflow can provide a massive efficiency boost to a business; with TITANs task system it couldn't be simpler.

Assign tasks to staff, link tasks to clients, set a reminder. All possible in a matter of seconds.

Business Information Management

Effective communication of client information between members of staff is mission critical.

TITANs limitless flexibility give you the ability to create structured templates that fit your business perfectly.